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The Many Uses and Benefits of Aloe Vera

By :Isabelle G 0 comments
The Many Uses and Benefits of Aloe Vera

The aloe plant has a long and well documented list of health and beauty benefits which dates back to as early as ancient Egypt, in the 16th Century BC.

That’s thousands of years’ worth of good reviews if you think about it.

Its healing properties are so well known that Aloe is now cultivated far and wide across the globe for its gel or gelatinous substance found within its leaves, which is rich in antioxidant and antibacterial compounds.

So what makes the humble Aloe Vera plant so amazing? Let’s delve deeper into how Aloe Vera works wonders at every turn.

The ‘gel’ inside each leaf of the aloe plant contains bioactive compounds such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants.

Here are the key benefits and uses that you can integrate into your own beauty and skin care routines:

Promote Healthy Hair

Imagine each strand of hair as a plant and your scalp as the base of each strand where it is connected to your body. Each strand of hair gets much needed nutrients from the hair follicles on your scalp. So, the healthier your scalp, the stronger and more nutrient dense your hair becomes. 

Aloe Vera is one great way to give your scalp the much needed care it deserves as it delivers key vitamins and minerals deep into skin. These repair dead skin cells on the scalp effectively promoting circulation and hair growth.

Prevent Hair Loss

Aloe is a great hair conditioner. It does this through the action of proteolytic enzymes which repairs dead skin cells.

And, It’s a little known fact that Aloe Vera has a chemical make-up similar to that of keratin (the primary protein of hair), so it essentially rejuvenates the hair from the inside out using its own nutrients, yielding more elasticity and preventing breakage.

The result is Aloe Vera lends itself well to preventing frizz as a finishing spray and as a protectant during heat styling as well.

Dandruff Relief

Aloe’s moisture rich properties help to unclog pores and dislodge dead skin cells on the scalp so that hydration can better penetrate the scalp allowing it to heal itself.

Skin Toner

Aloe Vera is a great natural toner that helps not only in cases of sun burn but also in the treatment of acne. This is because Aloe contains lots of anti-oxidants including beta carotene and vitamin C & E both of which are highly beneficial for skin. These further work to reduce signs of aging while minimizing damage caused by free radicals.

An added bonus is that while many Soaps and Shampoos tend to be very Alkaline which disrupts the ideal PH balance of skin, Aloe works to restore the bodies PH balance resulting in softer, smoother skin and hair.

Acne Prevention

Aside from its germicidal and anti-inflammatory properties which work to prevent future breakouts, Aloe Vera promotes faster healing with minimal scarring. Skin is left smoother and more blemish free over time. 

Soothe Sun Burns

After a fun day at the beach, all you want to do is to relax and bask in the glow of good times had but, more often than not, you’ll likely take that burning sensation home with you in the form of raw, red skin.  

Here’s where Aloe Vera steps in. First, Aloe Vera acts as a moisture barrier around dry and damaged skin which prevents further damage and stops vital nutrients from continuing to leach out of skin. It then speeds the healing process thanks to antioxidants and minerals present in the aloe vera’s gel.

The FDA first approved Aloe vera products as an over-the-counter medication for skin burns back in 1959 based on studies that suggested it is effective in the treatment of both first and second degree burns.

In fact, Aloe vera can reduce the healing time of burns by up to 9 days compared to conventional medication. This makes your time at the beach worry free!

Fight Signs of Aging

Since Aloe is rich in anti-oxidant Vitamin C, E and beta carotene, Aloe Vera has powerful anti-aging properties. And apart from the nutrients present in the gel itself, Aloe has also been shown to increase the body’s production of collagen. This improves skin elasticity and begins to have noticeable effects after 90 days of use. It even has the ability to reduce the appearance of redness in conditions such as Rosacea.

Wound healing

With its germ-killing properties, Aloe Vera is effective when used as a skin disinfectant. This prevents the growth of the harmful bacteria that can cause wounds to fester or otherwise slow the healing process.

Studies have also validated the theory that Aloe Vera may work to accelerate healing by improving blood flow to the damaged area. This would carry more vital nutrients to the wound providing the fundamental building blocks the body needs to work.

Psoriasis & Eczema

All of these healing properties make Aloe Vera ideal to relieve signs of dermatitis, whether it be a rash, insect bite, eczema or even psoriasis.  And, thanks to Aloe’s powerful ability to reduce both itchiness and inflammation; skin is not only given a nutrient-dense cocktail of essential elements needed for healing but also a much needed break from the constant need to scratch!

Given all the above, our Liquid Aloe Vera Spray is clearly a must have in your repertoire! (*This product is currently out of stock)


It’s about time you enjoy these benefits too! 

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