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Why do I breakout after using a bentonite clay detox as a face mask?

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Why do I breakout after using a bentonite clay detox as a face mask?

Many people, almost every time they get a facial, walk out with glowing skin only to discover a breakout shortly thereafter. For many, breakouts after facial are normal. In fact a breakout proves that the facial was effective.

According to Kate Somerville, the most sought after aesthetician from LA, facials are external way to detoxify. They help your body rid itself of toxins and impurities through skin, which leads to more radiant, glowing skin.

Unfortunately, there’s more than just shiny new skin that rises to the surface. Excess sebum, or facial oil, dead skin, buildup, and grime all come up, too. So a purging reaction is a good sign that the product is working and generally, once your skin has acclimated, the purge will not recur. A skin purge is also typically milder than a full-on breakout and they generally go away much faster. 

Though facials and masks are intended for treating and beautifying skin, they are not a quick fix solution. Instead they are meant to clean your skin deeply and eliminate gunk and junk that lies deep in your pores. Once your skin is cleaned through facial and masks, it begins to heal with continued use.

How to know if skin is purging due to detox?

Breakouts due to facial and masks are very different from what you typically get, usually in the form of small whiteheads. With continued use, these will begin to subside.

How long does breakouts lasts after detox?

The amount of time it takes for the breakout to subside varies from person to person, depending upon various factors such as skin type, genetic, lifestyle, diet, amount of buildup under your skin etc.

What can be done to prevent breakouts?

You may not be able to prevent detox period entirely, but you can certainly take few steps to reduce or minimize the amount of time detox period will lasts.

  • Eliminate or minimize the amount of refined sugar, processed foods, artificial sweeteners and dairy you consume.
  • Drink plenty of water during detox period to keep your body well hydrated and help your body eliminate toxins fast.
  • Include nutrient rich food in your diet such as fruits and veggies. Go for cooked veggies wherever possible instead of raw vegetables.
  • Avoid makeup altogether during this period. But if you need to wear makeup, wear only oil free makeup. Make sure to clean your face properly before you go to sleep.
  • Try aerobic exercise at least 3 to 4 times a week. Both sweating and circulation helps release toxins.
  • Do not get your facial done immediately before a big event.

With proper planning you can enjoy the benefits of facials and masks while avoiding an unsightly detox. 

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